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Case Study
How We Tripled the Workflow Efficiency of a Marketing Department

posted by The destiny Lab team, 06/28/2023

At a Glance

A heavily trafficked marketing department in a blue-chip enterprise was looking for a more streamlined process in their current campaign management system. The objective was to utilize a platform that would serve as a one-stop-shop in communication, data entry, and process for the marketing department. All projects would be trackable and rolled up into an easy-to-read leadership dashboard.


Taking into consideration that department leadership worked with several contractors and agencies, multiple briefing documents and planning calendars were being presented with no real source of truth. Resulting in:

  • Manual data input from one planning document to the other, increasing the risk for error

  • Stakeholders stuck in "email jail" with feedback being shared back-and-forth via lengthy email threads

  • Tedious, administrative follow-ups and approvals on projects



Using the project management platform Smartsheet, The Destiny Lab enhanced several workflow opportunities. Implementing these changes, inclusive of development and team training, helped save the department over 55 hours per month. What could your team do with an extra 55 hours per month?


Top implementation features:

Single-sourced, multi-view data

Using Smartsheet as a central project management platform, The Destiny Lab created a customized solution for the client's marketing department. For example, campaign planning could be planned via a grid Excel-like sheet, and that same data instantly revisualized into a calendar view.

Department ROI:

  • 10-15 department hours saved per month

  • Data deduplication helped the department reduce administrative errors.

  • Instant data visualization saved project managers' time on translating day-to-day data into high-level leadership presentations

Centralized Communication

Email conversations were transitioned into centralized comments per task. Stakeholders could easily correlate a task with its thread of feedback, attachments, and more.


Department ROI:

  • 18-23 hours saved per month.

  • Comment threads attached to assigned tasks helped streamline and facilitate communication and clarity.


Fully Automated Workflow

This was a major efficiency for the client's marketing department. The Destiny Lab implemented automated workflows that notified relevant stakeholders at the right time for feedback and approvals.

Department ROI:

  • 27-30 department hours saved per month.

  • This increased task efficiency and drastically reduced redundant communication.

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