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The Destiny Lab Secures Financing for Game-Changing MarTech Software Development Led by Female C-Suite

posted by The destiny Lab team, 07/12/2023

In an exciting development for the MarTech industry, The Destiny Lab (TDL), a business innovation consulting founded in 2020 by Angela Quach, has successfully raised half million in financing to propel its mission of transforming the marketing tech industry. The financing round was in partnership with the business accelerator Founders First Capital Partners and the Small Business Administration, US Bank. TDL, under the leadership of an all female C-suite, is poised to disrupt the market with its groundbreaking digital product - M.O.M (Marketing Operations Management).


Angela Quach, Founder and CEO of The Destiny Lab.

M.O.M: Revolutionizing Marketing Operations in 2023

TDL's flagship product, M.O.M (Marketing Operations Management), is currently under development and scheduled for beta launch in November 2023. This highly anticipated software is set to revolutionize how marketing departments manage and visualize data across their MarTech stack. By connecting various platforms and systems, M.O.M will offer a centralized management system that simplifies marketers' daily work.

“At The Destiny Lab, we know that one of the biggest pain points for marketing teams is the decentralization of data and work. This can make it difficult to collaborate, track progress, and measure results. That's why we created M.O.M, a Marketing Technology platform that's designed to be the team's one-stop shop for everything they need- a robust resource center that connects the most relevant platforms, centralizing data and communication, providing real-time reports in the format of interactive dashboards, automating tasks, and enabling collaboration across the marketing department. M.O.M is the ultimate solution for marketing teams seeking to save time, enhance efficiency, and reduce costs.” 

- Angela Quach, Founder and CEO of The Destiny Lab and M.O.M

Leadership Driven by Visionary Women

What sets TDL apart is its female-led C-level, consisting of visionary leaders who are driving innovation and raising the bar in the MarTech industry. 


Angela Quach, the visionary founder, and CEO of The Destiny Lab and M.O.M (Marketing Operations Management), is a driving force behind the company's mission to revolutionize processes in large marketing departments. Recognizing the urgent need for efficient workflows during the pandemic, Quach established the company in August 2020, when she noticed a gap in tech-savviness among marketers and identified the opportunity to streamline processes for marketing departments. Quach's streamlined approach quickly proved successful, delivering a remarkable 70% increase in efficiency for clients. Now, it's time to scale with the launch of M.O.M and bring the revolutionary solution to all marketing teams.

Jenya Edelberg, the newly appointed Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of The Destiny Lab, is a key figure in driving TDL and M.O.M innovation. With expertise in analyzing business processes and leveraging technology for enhanced productivity, Edelberg brings a diverse skill set encompassing MarTech, web development, design, UI/UX, and product development. Edelberg's technical prowess and innovative mindset position her perfectly to lead the development of TDL’s first product. Under Edelberg's guidance, The Destiny Lab is poised to deliver a groundbreaking solution that empowers enterprises to streamline their workflows, save time, and optimize their budgets.

Embracing the Future: Women in Technology and Business

Angela Quach and Jenya Edelberg form a dynamic leadership duo at The Destiny Lab, driving responsible innovation, efficient processes, and cutting-edge technology. Their expertise and vision are paving the way for the future of MarTech, empowering enterprises to thrive in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. Challenging gender disparities and diversity, their presence highlights the potential of women in technology and business.


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